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5th May 2013. Hopshoots now ready for supply, last year it was March!

Hops to eat are a delicious early spring vegetable. We are the UKs premier grower and supplier of hopshoots, and we are approved by Organic Farmers and Growers. Our adult hops supply organic microbreweries.

What are Hopshoots?

Hopshoots are the young growing tip of the hop, which is itself a perennial plant. The hop dies back completely in winter, but as soon as the ground warms up in March, the hop shoot pushes through the soil. The hopshoots start out as a dark purple colour, but soon turn bright green and grow into curling tendrils, known as the tips. Given some moisture and sunshine, the hop shoots grow rapidly – up to 6 inches a day.

For a few weeks in March, the hop shoots provide a delicious vegetable, before developing into the hopbine which climbs up the netting to reach the top in July. The female plants produce a flower, known as a ‘burr’, from which the cones develop, ready for harvest in early September.

Hop shoots are a seasonal delicacy, being almost the first green spring vegetable. The Belgians and Italians particularly relish them.

Hop shoots, sometimes known as “hop asparagus” have a delicate fresh flavour and just need quick steaming with butter, or stir-frying with chives and garlic, making a delicious starter. In Italy, they are cooked with arborio rice to make risotto di Bruscandoli.

They can also flavour a soup or butter sauce, or be a beautiful garnish to a dish.

To be eaten as a vegetable, hop shoots need to be grown organically, but this is not easy, as the hop shoots are so tasty, that aphids can sometimes take the whole crop.

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